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Reasons for wearing a cowboy hat

by Trevor

Cowboy hats are famous identification of the American west. But what is the reason behind the usage of hats in cowboys? There are so many reasons behind it, but mostly cowboys wear hats to get protection from wind, rain, and most importantly from sun rays. Some cowboys also use hats to fan themselves in hot weather, others use these to carry water and give signals to other riders. Nowadays people also wear cowboy hats to look fashionable. Different types of designs and colors can be available in the market for light up cowboy hats. You should get one for personal use as there are so many benefits of cowboy hats. Let’s discuss the benefits in detail.

Protect from rain and wind

Cowboys spend most of their time outdoors riding horses and herding cattle. So the hat should protect them from the rain and wind. These hats prove to be beneficial in tough weather and shed water if you are entangled in a rainstorm. The wide brim of the hat will keep the raindrops away from your face and eyes. And if you are using the cap in tilted back condition, it will not allow the rain to drip down into your shirt or towards your neck. Normal baseball caps can blow away because of high wind pressure in some areas, but a cowboy hat works best under such circumstances. Cowboys normally use specific techniques by wearing these hats and protecting themselves from dust particles.

Shade from sun

Wearing a cowboy hat will provide your face shade from all directions. As the brim of the cowboy hat is so wide that’s why your ear, eyes, and face will remain under the shade. Cowboy hats are generally made up of specific types of fabrics that absorb heat and have the ability to keep the head cool in hot weather. Additionally, you can use the cowboy hat to fan yourself. It works perfectly for that purpose too. It is a trend in hot areas, cowboys dip their hats in rivers, or streams and put them back on their heads. It helps in keeping them cool and fresh.

For communication

You can non-verbally attract the attention of strangers or your friends using a cowboy hat. It can be used to say hello or give signals to other ranch riders.

Pulling water from the river

Cowboy hats are not only used as a fashion statement or expression of style. These hats are sometimes used as tools for pulling water from the river. Some of these hats are made up of water-repellant fabric. So you can easily use those cowboy hats for carrying water from streams and rivers. You can also use cowboy hats to draw water for thirsty birds or animals.


All in all cowboy hats have so many advantages from looking fashionable to getting protection from sun rays. Before buying you can consider the color that you want for yourself, but don’t compromise on quality. Try to find a trustworthy website so that the product you get will be free of any problems.

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