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Why Do I Need A Wholesale Power Sprayer?

by Trevor

The power sprayer originated in the commercial world, where farmers used it to spray large tracts of land with fertilizer. However, toned-down versions of the wholesale power sprayer┬áhave been made for residential use to help with different kinds of cleaning. Whether light or heavy-duty, the power sprayer will handle any household cleaning duty you throw at it. Nevertheless, many people are content with a simple knapsack sprayer or don’t know what a wholesale power sprayer can achieve. So, why do you need this power sprayer?

Why get a wholesale power sprayer?

Power sprayers have a lot of advantages over regular sprayers or their counterparts, the gas-powered sprayers. It is one of the gadgets you cannot afford to miss in your residential place if you value cleanliness. If you’re still not decided whether to get one, here are some reasons to help you make up your mind.

Lowered costs

The regular knapsack sprayer has many moving parts that are constantly stressed. These parts will be susceptible to wear and tear or damage after a while resulting in additional costs. With a powered sprayer, however, there are fewer moving parts since they are battery-operated. Additionally, these powered sprayers are quite easy to maintain, saving additional repair costs. Thanks to quality construction and high-end materials, your power sprayer will rarely have issues.

More efficient

With a manual sprayer, the psi is directly proportional to your effort when you pump the sprayer. A wholesale power sprayer derives its psi from the power output. Some power sprayers have as much as 160 psi making them effective for spraying over a large area, a feat a manual sprayer would not accomplish. Their tremendous pressure also means you get rid of the dust on the surfaces easily and without risks of damage.

Take up less space

The manual sprayer will have many moving parts that might prove challenging when storing it in small spaces. Their gas-powered counterparts take up more space due to their design. However, the powered sprayer is operated by batteries and thus is slimmer and takes up less space than other sprayers. You will not incur extra money preparing a place to store your sprayer. It fits your space without inconveniencing you.


The regular sprayer has a small psi and cannot handle strenuous tasks. With the wholesale power sprayer, however, they create pressure that will enable them to discharge over three liters per minute which is far much more than what you’d get from a knapsack sprayer. This enables the individual to save much more time in the long run. It does not matter the type of work you choose to engage in; you get to handle it easily.


When its commercial counterpart proved successful, the wholesale power sprayer was created for residential purposes. Its slim design, high power output, and efficiency have made the power sprayer a vital tool for every farmer. It also takes up less space when being stored. If you’re convinced about why you need a power sprayer, you can find many different types on Alibaba.

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