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Why You May Need A Money Safe In Your Home

by Trevor

Security is an important aspect of our lives. According to Abraham Maslow, it falls on the second level of human’s hierarchy of needs. We often place focus on securing our money in a savings bank but do very little in securing other non-monetary items. A money safe is a secured box designed to protect valuables.

If you’re not yet convinced on why you need a money safe in your home, let’s begin by highlighting money safe benefits.

Benefits of a money safe

Money safes come in different shapes and lock mechanisms. Generally, the most expensive money safes have the toughest lock mechanism to break.

Protect against theft

Since money safes are protected with a lock mechanism requiring a password, it is difficult for a random stranger to gain access into the safe box. You can be rest assured that whatever you keep in it is secured.

Protect against fire

Most of the top-quality money safes are made with fire-resistant material. This means the safe is able to survive a fire attack without affecting the valuables kept in it. So in case of a fire outbreak, you wouldn’t need to bother yourself with endangering your life trying to retrieve what’s inside. You’re best saving your energy to retrieve the box when the fire is doused.

Cheaper and easier option of saving money

We can argue about the benefits of saving money in a bank, but sometimes the withdrawal process can be time-consuming. With a money safe, you can gain access to cash as quickly as you need it. Since it’s safe, you wouldn’t have to worry about theft.

Unlike with a checking account that may require a monthly or annual fee, your investment in a money safe is a one-time purchase. What’s more? The safe can last you for a really long time without needing an upgrade.

What can you keep in a safe?

Aside from money, there are other things you can keep in a safe.

Valuables: You can keep your family heirloom, jewelry, and other valuables that are not replaceable.

Documents: If you have important documents like your will, birth certificate, or social security card, it is best to keep them in a safe.

Electronics: If you have an external hard drive or a flash drive containing important files, it is also best to keep them in a money safe.

Medicine: You can also keep your medicine in the safe if you have small children at home. This way, you won’t have to worry about them getting into your medicine cabinet.


Money safes are a secured way to hide and protect valuables. They are designed in different sizes and shapes and can be placed in and out of walls. They come with different lock mechanisms. The more expensive types have complex combinations. Ideally, you can store whatever you want in, but there are more realistic items that should be kept in it. Also, they come in different prices and should fit easily into any budget.

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